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For our address and directions click here


Here's what to expect if you are planning on visiting one of our services:


Atmosphere - While we take the worship of our Lord and the study of His Word very seriously, we try to do that in an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, and joyful.


Worship Music - Our worship music is provided by a full band, and is contemporary with a few hymns mixed in.


Dress - When it comes to clothing, we prefer that you wear some, but beyond that anything appropriate in a family setting is just fine.


Tithe/Offerings - Donations are accepted, but not expected from those who don't yet consider Calvary Chapel their home church. There will not be an offering taken during the worship service. We simply have a box stationed in the lobby for that purpose.


Sunday Morning - The Sunday service starts at 10:30 am, and is usually finished around noon. There will be a time of worship followed by an expositional verse-by-verse Bible study, and occasionally Communion as well. We have a nursery for babies up through 2 yr olds, and Kidchurch classes for children ages 3 to 12 These classes take place during the adult Bible study, and are separated by age into 4 different groups.


Wednesday evening - The Wednesday service starts at 6:30 pm, and is usually finished around 8. There will be a time of worship, a time of praises and prayer requests, and a short expositional verse-by-verse Bible study. There is a nursery, and a group meeting of the older children.


For our address and directions click here